Now Hiring for Dishwasher/Host Position

Now Taking applications for Dishwasher/Host

Dishwasher/Host Job Responsibilities: Maintains a clean kitchen, properly washes and sorts soiled dishes, and preps foods if needed. Keeps dish area free of clutter and organized. Sets up dish stations, including dish machines and sinks. Maintains clean / dry floors throughout the shift. Clean & Stock Restrooms. Clear and Set up tables in dining room.

Shift Hours: Must be available to work 7 days a week 8:30am – closing. Business closes at 3pm, closing averages 30 minutes for closing.

Hours per week: 18 – 30 hours per week.

Requirements: Valid Food Handlers Card issued by the State Of Washington. Employees must fill out Employee Packet and submits all copies required before you can start work.

Hourly rate: Minimum Wage

Apply online:

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